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Tree Spade

  • Tree Spade For Skid Steers
    The BOLEO® Boleo skid steer tree spade,We designed our skid steer tree spade nursery diggers for prepared ground nursery digging and they fit a variety of skid steer loaders. They are lightweight with AR400 cold formed, straight blades, and can move trees from 1” to 5” in diameter.

Boleo Tree spades easily squeeze between closely-planted trees allowing you to dig, transplant, and package trees without leaving the comfort of the operator's seat. The tree spade works in a variety of soil conditions, maximizing worksite capabilities.

Boleo Skid Steer Tree Spades.

You know you are getting quality attachments that make tree removal and planting easier. These simple yet powerful tools allow you dig up and remove trees, or transplant them to a new area.





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