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Become a Better Agro Dealer / Service Technicians


Service Technician Careers
Build a Career at a Better Agro Dealership

If you’re looking for a good paying job, enjoy working with computers and electronics, and want the challenge of learning new technology to solve problems — we have opportunities for you. Across the country, there’s a high demand for qualified service technicians to diagnose, repair and maintain high-tech Better Agro equipment to keep America at work.
As part of our service team, we’ll help you turn your interest in technology into valuable skills that you can use for a lifetime. You’ll be rewarded with paid, on-the-job training, opportunities to advance, competitive salary and benefits, and the chance to work alongside a team of professionals at a Better Agro dealership who will support you in becoming your best. All while being part of the global brand that created the compact equipment industry.

Become a Better Agro Dealer / Service Technicians
Technology & Training

Tools and Training You Need to Succeed
Whether you already have your degree or are just starting to think about working as a service technician, we offer on-the-job training to help you take your natural talents and creativity, and turn it into highly marketable skills to build an exciting career.

Better Agro machines are the most advanced and innovative designs in the industry. And it’s our global team of dealer service techs who keep them on the job, year after year. You’ll learn how to service and maintain these advanced machine designs and sophisticated Tier 4 engines, making an immediate contribution working with a top service team at a local Better Agro dealership.

Sure you’ll work with traditional tools. But you’ll also use laptops, diagnostics software and service analyzers to help you prep machines for delivery or perform repairs. You’ll be encouraged to use your natural problem-solving skills and creativity while being supported by service mentors, a huge network of technicians and the expertise at Better Agro Company.