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Verge Flail Mower AGDL

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Verge Flail Mower AGDL | BETTER.AGRO is a type of PTO mounted agricultural compact equipment, which is used to deal with heavier grass/scrub which a normal lawn mower could not cope with.
Standard flails are shaped like an extruded "T" or "Y" and a chain attaches to the bottom.
The Flail Mower, also known as the BladeRunner, is the heaviest-duty mowing attachment in the fleet.
Capable of mowing in the toughest conditions, the Flail Mower has vertically rotating 'Y' blades that pulverize plant material into a fine pulp that is evenly spread across the mowing width.
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Verge Flail Mower AGDL| BETTER.AGRO

Better Agro's AGDL with its low weight and working width of 1.05-1.45 m, our verge flail mower is ideal for compact tractors of 25-45 hp. By means of the side shift adjustment, the verge flail mower can be adjusted for work either behind the tractor or variably at the side. You can easily cut ditch edges, median strips on roads and other places that are difficult to reach.The verge flail mower has a tiltable cutting head and can be angled 90° upwards and 50° downwards later.


1.Adjustable cutting height

Support roller and 24 hammer flails

The front of the verge flail mower is fitted with steel plates that adapt to the substrate and protect both the tractor and the surroundings from stone chipping and grass spray. The support roller has a scraping iron to keep the roller free from cut material.

Off-set Hydraulic Heavy Flail Mower EFGSH rolling

The verge flail mower is fitted as standard with hammer flails. There are 24 flails in total, ensuring that the grass is broken up. The mower is also adapted for Y-flails, which can be purchased additionally (not included).

2.Hydraulic side shift adjustment and tiltable cutting head

The hydraulic side shift adjustment makes you to shift the machine to the left or right. 

The side shift adjustment means that you can cut at the side of your tractor and thereby reach ditch edges and the median strip of roads, which would otherwise be difficult to reach. 

The hydraulic side shift adjustment enables you to drive with just one pair of wheels in the uncut area and cut closer to ditches, fences, etc. 

The maximum side shift adjustment of the machine is 204 cm to the right from the mid-point of the tractor.

The verge flail mower's chassis is made of 3 mm thick steel, and the side plate is 6 mm thick.

The machine's cutting head can be angled 90° upwards and 50° downwards. High level of safety with collision protection that angles the machine upwards if you hit a stump, for example.

The verge flail mower is supplied with PTO drive shaft, transmission oil and hydraulic hoses as standard.

The mower requires two double-acting hydraulic outlets on the tractor. The verge flail mower is supplied with four hydraulic ½ inch, quick coupling male hoses.

3.Power take-off (PTO) drive shaft and gearbox

Off-set Hydraulic Heavy Flail Mower EFGSH gearbox

All mowers use a heavy-duty gearbox with a continuous rating of 18-65 hp.

The power is transmitted through fully shielded, telescoping drive shafts with quick-attach and detach characteristics for easy hookup.

3.36 flail-knife rotor provides uniform distribution of pulverized material

Off-set Hydraulic Heavy Flail Mower EFGSH blade and knives

Rotor revolves at 1850 rpm to produce a 152.9-km/h (95-mph) blade-tip speed for a clean cut.

Knives are arranged on the rotor to provide uniform distribution of material across the full cutting width.

Knives pivot at their mounting points to minimize damage if an obstruction is hit.

4.Tractor hookup

The 25A hitch is now compatible with any Category 1 3-point hitch (with or without the iMatch™ Quick-Coupler system).


5.Knife Options

Choose from side-slicer knives for all-purpose, tough cutting, or smooth-cut knives for a more finished, trim look.

6.Rubber/Metal Deflectors

Flail Mower EFD Rubber/Metal Deflectors

Optional front rubber/metal deflectors keep debris and other materials under the shredder and away from the tractor and operator, and being made of rubber/metal, they won't rust.