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This quick-connecting 3-Point Hitch Chipper will give you another way to capitalize on your tractor investment. Better Agro self-feeding technology makes it easy...just drop a branch in and go for the next one. No need to force feed.

A large vertically oriented hopper, a precisely-angled heavy-duty chipping knife, and a powerful air channel work together to pull branches into the chipping hopper and blast wood chips out the discharge. Most materials will self-feed, so once you drop a branch in your free to get the next one. No force feeding required!

What is the difference between a wood chipper and a mulcher?

Mulchers are typically less powerful than wood chippers (matched to 18-45hp compact tractors) which means they can't break down larger branches. Stick to softer, smaller garden trimmings when using a mulcher or leaf shredder to prolong the life of your attachments.


Can you put lumber in a wood chipper(PTO mulcher)?

Wet Wood. Assuming you're not asking about lumber (which you should never put in a chipper), you can usually put wet wood, such as limbs, branches, and brush into a wood chipper. However, it's more difficult for the machine to handle wet wood versus dry wood, especially particular models.





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